Auxiliary Equipment
Auxiliary Equipment

Resin Dryer
  • The resin dryer is one of the most important auxiliary equipment on the way to high quality production. PET and other plastic resins have structural moisture retention. When a plastic resin that has not been dehumidified or dried is processed, it may cause irreversible problems in production. Therefore, plastic resins should be dried with the help of a resin dryer. Raw material that has reached a certain level of dryness and has been properly dehumidified will show higher performance when processed in the blow molding machine.

Mold Dehumidifier
Except for regions with very dry climates, the amount of humidity in the environment is high enough to cause dew on the mold surfaces in almost every region of the world. A mold dehumidifier should be used to reduce or eliminate the amount of humidity in the environment.

Mold Temperature Controller
Mold temperature controllers are used to preheat the mold, relieve surface tension, and adjust the temperatures of certain mold parts to special production temperatures.

Dosing Unit
The most efficient and effective method of producing colored bottles is a dosing unit to be installed at the barrel inlet of the blow molding machine. Color dosing units, which ensure that the additive, that is, the dye, is used at the same rate in each product, ensures product quality continuity.

Mold chillers are used to consider the temperature at key points during molding. Mold chillers allow rapid and high quality packaging production by suddenly cooling the hot preform shaped during injection.

The compressor is responsible for injecting high-pressure air into the preform during the stretch blow molding process so that the preform takes the exact shape of the mold. This means that the compressor must be good enough to accurately control the overall airflow of the preform; otherwise , it will not form a shape.