Our History
The first trade is started with the title of Doğan Ticaret Evi Ragıp Bahaettin.
The second company named Yuruk Tecim Evi Is. Ragıp Erensoy & Şeriki is established.
The two companies unite and the company name becomes Doğan – Yuruk Tecim Evi Ragıp Erensoy. During this period, brands such as A. W. Faber-Castell, Albert Nestler, Pelikan, Ozalit, Gebr Hoesch, Kern, Wiggins Tape, Watmann, Karl Zeiss and Carandash are imported and sold.
After Ragıp Bey's illness, the company, which had been operating under the title of Doğan -Yürük Tecim Evi Ragıp Erensoy Halefi Nuri Erensoy since 1958, was transferred to İhya Kartal, owner of the İkbal Library. The company is still operating as www.kalemkutusu.com.
Upon the invitation of Ragıp Bey's former employee Vitali Vayslep, Nuri Erensoy (with his wife Semra Erensoy), who worked as an engineer at Taşkızak Shipyard and State Highways and gained experience in import and agency at Said Akıncı & Said Dormen, begins agency of American Murray saw gin machinery under the title of Panmak Kollektif Şirketi Nuri Erensoy ve Ortağı.
Haralambo Karaca joins Panmak Kollektif Şirketi as a partner and they run the Turkish agency of Carver, Anderson, French, C.M.Bernardini, A. Johnson (Votator) brands together until 1978.
Trade, which became more difficult with the American embargo, continues until 1986, by substituting European brands such as Rosedown and Baumüller, within the body of Anzallar Kollektif Şirketi.
Nuri Erensoy ve Ortağı Kollektif Şirketi is established and Erol Erensoy joins to the company. Carver, Lummus, Rosedown, later Crown, Cheryy-Burrell Votator, Hamba, Scheafer&Flottmann and later Max. Kettner, Karl Kisters, Ortman&Herbst brands are begun to be represented.
With the thought that one day the water stations will be closed and the use of returnable 5gallon bottles will start, an agreement is signed with Cap Snap Portola Packaging for the sale of washing and filling machines and of caps. The lack of 5 gallon bottle production in Turkey and as a result of the search made on this subject, in 1994, Japanese Nissei ASB Machine Co. Ltd.'s products are started to be represented as a new product group (plastic blow molding machines) to its customers.
With the participation of Yusuf Sayah as a partner, Erensoy Gıda ve Ambalaj Makinaları San. and Tic. Ltd.Şti is established and moved from the European side, which has been working for 70 years, to the Anatolian side.
As Erensoy, we take part in PETPOINT, which was held for the first time within the scope of Drinktech fair, and a change is started in order to provide the same service in foreign markets. Negotiations begin for the marketing of ASB and AndyOr products outside of Türkiye, and by leaving other products, the focus gradually becomes on sales and service of plastic blowing machines and auxiliary and complementary equipment.
Romania country distributorship is started.
Bulgaria country distributorship is started.
Kai-Mei Plastic Machinery Co. (Taiwan) agency agreement is signed and extrusion blow molding machines are added to the product group.
Country distributorships of Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan are started.
Country distributorships of Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia are started.
With the launch of the new web page, Erensoy announces that it has been decided to only specialize in the sales and service of plastic blowing machines, and has been decided to only provide consultancy in the fields of ginning, vegetable oil industry, food processing, filling, labeling, packaging, palletizing machines which was sold in the past, and that Erensoy Ltd has terminated its former representations.