Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
  • Kai Mei Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., manufacturing Extrusion Blow Molding Machines since 1997, has sold more than 6000 machines and exported these machines to 85 countries. Different types of machines are designed to produce containers of various raw materials such as PE, PVC, PP, PETG, PC etc. Kai Mei has wide production range from 5ml miniature bottles to 1500l water tanks. In order to implement the company’s strategy of product diversification, Kai Mei’s R&D department is devoted to develop new machines constantly, including single, double, triple, quadruple to octonary die-head blow molding machines.
  • Standard models can be equipped with different options which enhance automation, speed, quality and visual features of the containers. Among these options, auto de-flashing device, auto cutting device, take-out robot, auto sealing and cutting device, angle blow device, mold movement mechanism & control, post cooling device, secondary cooling station, MOOG 100/400 points parison control, in-mold labeling (IML), visistriple system, split die-head for lined bottle with different colors, coex die head, multiple extruder which can work with different raw materials. Kai Mei has proven itself in energy saving production and released servo-pump hydraulic system to customer’s selection.
  • Auxiliary equipment such as conveyor, crusher, auto loader proportional valve, resin& hopper dryer , etc. which will be placed around the machine can also be included in your project. You can consult Kai Mei about compressor, chiller, cooling tower etc. Mold is the most important part for the success of the project and Kai Mei is at your service for mold manufacturing at its own plant.
  • In order to blow color grading bottles, color transition between layers of the bottle by using coex die heads is the best alternative way to spray painting system which has been applied to glass bottles for years; however, expensive to apply to plastic bottles. The first color grading machine manufactured in 2015 was sold to a Turkish customer by ERENSOY. With the same machine soft touch bottles can be blown with soft material which is layered to the outer layer of the bottle. IML application is new in Turkish blow molding market and based on ERENSOY’s customer inquiry, Kai Mei manufactured the first IML machine and it works successfully.
  • Producing as transparent bottle as PET is only possible with PETG for the time being. With years of experience Kai Mei manufactures suitable models with custom design die head and screws for crystal like cosmetic containers.
  • Kai Mei that united with ERENSOY’s container design and project management experience, has put signature under important projects in Turkey and surrounding countries and has an important customer portfolio in these areas.
Recent Projects

Türkiye's first machine that produces with IML (In-Mold Labeling) working in 2 stations with multiple die heads

Color Degrading Bottles

Türkiye's first machine that produces color degrading  bottles produced using a multi-layered head

Soft Touch

The first Kai Mei machine, delivered to Turkish customer, that produces soft-touch bottles.